Friday, April 18, 2014

Ikea Hack: Nursery Changing Table

One of my favorite things about Taylor's nursery is her changing table. When I was looking for ideas to design her room, I knew I didn't want to get the typical changing table. I wanted something that would last long after the diaper days, so I went with a beautiful mirrored dresser instead. That way we could use it elsewhere in our home as she got older. Since I spent a little bit more money on the dresser, I knew I didn't want to go crazy with the other decor. That's where Ikea and small gifts worked great. The trick in decorating, or style for that matter, is mixing chic with cheap, as well as incorporating pieces with sentimental value. That's why I love her changing table because it serves a purpose along with beautiful style and meaning. Check out my Pinterest to see where I got my inspiration for her nursery, and see below for more photos of Taylor's changing table.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

From the Kitchen: Aunt Judy's Special Sandwiches

Awhile ago I posted a recipe on Twitter to my Aunt Judy's homemade special sandwiches, and I got a lot of requests to post the recipe on here. These delicious bite sized snacks are wonderful as a meal in itself, or if you have company coming over, who are always raiding your fridge like mine, are great as a quick satisfying bite. Know you have to prepare them a night in advance, but the extra prep time means nothing, because these are totally worth it! Perfect for birthday parties, holidays, and even baby showers. So good that the expecting mama will probably thank you in the end. See below for the recipe. Bon appetit'!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Fashion Inspiration: Minka Kelly

Minka Kelly.. really why do you have to be so gosh darn pretty? Seriously, it's not fair!! And not only that, but she's got awesome style. Perfect for spring!! I love how she can wear a maxi skirt, tank top and flip flops, and with the right basic accessories, make it look so effortless and chic! Below I have detailed how she dressed up this regular outfit with the perfect Spring accessories. You're welcome..

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Ask Jordan: Face Care Regimen

Q: "Hi Jordan, I am a tom girl at heart. Working on cars, riding four wheelers and hunting/fishing. But during the week, I am an assistant manager at a hometown bank. I have to dress up everyday and wear make up. I have started to notice that my pores are very large and my make up looks very sloppy on my face. I have started to break out with acne too, which I never had as a teen or young adult. I have tried many face washes, and I have tried so many creams to shrink my pores, none of them with any success. Do you have advice on a product or home remedy to help with my skin/complexion and shrink my pores? Thank You!" - Shonna D. 
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