Monday, September 8, 2014

Product Spotlight: The Nudes Eyeshadow Palette

So awhile ago I was looking into a neutral eyeshadow palette, but the one I had my eye on, no pun intended, was running for over $50! Um no thank you. I just couldn't imagine spending that much on an eyeshadow palette that, let's be honest, I would realistically use only three to four colors. Or you buy the singles that clutter your already overfilled makeup bag, and who wants that? Not me. So while I was making my weekly mommy trip to Target, I spotted this beauty from the corner of my eye (again no pun intended)! At first I thought.. great let's see how much this price markup is gonna be! And to my surprise it was only $9!!! So, I thought what the hey, let's give it a try! Well I did, and let me say it is by far more than a win in my book! Introducing The Nudes eyeshadow palette by Maybelline.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Pinspiration: Black & White

So if you haven't noticed recently, I'm really feeling the black & white trend. Like you saw in my previous post, fashion is really picking up on it this coming Fall, but home decor and other things have been inspiring this trend for awhile. So I figured I would share my favorite pins from Pinterest from the past few weeks that have supported this recent mood I'm in. What other types of trends are you guys feeling this Fall?


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