Sponsor My Hood for the Better Half Dash!

Every year Motor Racing Outreach puts on the Better Half Dash, a 25 lap shoot out race between some of your favorite ladies in NASCAR. This is my 2nd year running, and MRO's 5th year putting on the event, and let me tell you it has been a huge success! Last year MRO raised a total of $84,000 for their organization and other charities! WOW! It's astounding how much coverage this event gets, and the work MRO does to bring awareness and raise money for these amazing charities. Here is a rundown of how the race will work...


Taylor's 2nd Birthday

If you are anything like me, you probably take hundreds if not thousands of video and pictures of your children on your phone, but never do anything with them. Sound familiar? You never print them out like you say, you never start on that baby book you promised yourself, and the time just seems to slip by, and you have still yet to find a way to keep and treasure those memories you have documented so abundantly. 
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