The Brains Behind the Beauty: Acrylic Make-Up Organizer

If you're anything like me, you probably hoard make-up like it's your full time job. I'm one of those girls that sees something on TV, and has to try it.  But the down side to that is all the brushes, make-up palettes and lotions that have collected in my bathroom over the years.  Sound familiar? I have some make up I use every day, and other that I just wear on occasion. So what do you do? Well, I found a solution... a see-thru acrylic make-up organizer for your countertop!! After seeing one of these beauties featured on an episode of Keeping up with Kardashians, I knew it was something I was in need of. I googled, and found the closest and most useful one similar to my needs.

Note: This whole contraption is sold piece by piece. Which is amazing, but can become a little costly. But it is all in what YOU need, so my advice is, get some basics, and if you need more, add on as you go! Sounds a little like my make-up problem... Geesh. 


So, let's start from the top, and work our way down. This top shelf holds my lipsticks, lip glosses, brushes, and some other items I use more frequently like perfume and my beauty blender sponge. This piece literally just sits on top of the drawers, so although it's not necessary, it is very very handy.

Underneath that, I keep all my compact make-up stored. This picture obviously looks a little disheveled, so I will show you what it looks like in store/online. 

Ahhh, that's prettier. But very unrealistic when you bring it home and fill it up with your own stuff. But at least you can see your make-up instead of guessing where you put it last.


Ok now let's start from the bottom, and work our way back up to the top..
The bottom drawer is where I keep all my "face" make-up. This includes primers, BB cream, eye cream, foundation, and some concealer. Obviously I don't use all this every time I put my make-up on, but I like to have a select drawer so I know where it is when I need to use it. I also added a small square acrylic organizer on the bottom right to hold my concealers. I thought they needed their own "space", and are all small enough to fit in their own little corner.  

Here's the middle drawers. It's where I keep all my large make-up palettes. On the left side you will see my eyeshadows, and on the right my powders, blushes, and bronzers. The benefits to these drawers are the depth. Works really well, because these products can just stack up without getting overly cluttered.

Top Drawer is the money shot. Like you saw with the bottom drawer, I used the drawer organizers to separate my smaller items from the rest of my make up. I use four of these organizers in varying sizes to hold my mascaras, eyeliners, nail clippers/files, and eyebrow pencils/brushes. Items that can shift easily work really well here, so they don't roll everywhere when you are opening and closing the drawers. I added some extra blending sponges in the back to utilize the extra space.

To complete my make-up station, I added a countertop pedestal mirror. I got mine from Ulta, but I found one similar to the luxe acrylic modular system online, and the reviews on it are great! Also, for the price point it can't be beat!

So what do you think of my make-up station? Would you use this in your home? Let me know with a comment below!


  1. LOVE; I think my 2 teenage girls could really benefit - off to check them out. Thanks Jordan!!


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